Ward Contracting and Building Restoration is a full service company capable of completing all of your restoration, renovation and remodeling projects. Ward Contracting provides both General Contracting and Masonry Restoration services.

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General Contracting Services

Our General Contracting division can handle all of your construction needs from simple door replacement to the building of a completely new structure. Whether the job is a few thousand dollars or over $10 million, our motto of producing “Quality projects, on-time and on-budget” is what leads to satisfied customers and repeat clients. We specialize in:

  • New Construction
    • St. Linus Parish Center 1
    • Our new construction experience with all types of building methods make us ready for any project. Whether the design is wood frame, steel structure, precast concrete, or CMU we can take any design from the ground up leaving our clients with a turn-key product.
  • Renovation / Alteration
    • Renovation projects vary for all clients. Some are small jobs, such as installation of partitions or finish. Others require a complete demolition of the interior to create a totally new space. We are capable of completing all varieties of projects to meet our clients’ needs and budget.
  • Design / Build
    • IC St. Joe School 1
    • By partnering with the owner, architect and MEP design team, we coordinate, plan and budget for the successful completion of our client’s building. Working together as a team we identify all the details that result in a building that meets our client’s needs and expectations.

Masonry Restoration Services

The Masonry Restoration Division can restore what time, weather and the environment damages. For more than four decades we have been providing masonry repairs for Chicagoland businesses, churches, schools, and multi-unit residential facilities. We specialize in:

  • Tuckpointing
    • Tuckpointing 1
    • Grinding of mortar joints to a depth of ¾” using vacuum grinding systems and pointing of these joints using the proper mortar is a common practice for our company. Properly tuckpointing a building when needed can prevent moisture infiltration and greater more costly repairs.
  • Brick Replacement
    • Brick Replacement 1
    • Brick replacement is usually needed if parapet walls have deteriorated or freeze-thaw damage has occurred and affected a section of wall. Properly sized brick matching the color and texture of the original brick can bring these areas back as good as new.
  • Lintel Repair
    • Lintel Replacement 1
    • Years of water infiltration due to lack of tuckpointing can really take its toll on the steel lintel above window and door openings. Restoration of these lintels with the proper flashing can prolong the life of these steel lintels.
  • Limestone Repair
    • Limestone 1
    • Old and rusted steel anchors can damage Limestone. Proper anchoring with stainless steel ties is critical for limestone repairs and new installation.
  • Terra Cotta / GFRC Repair
    • Terra Cotta
    • Open mortar joints can let water in and start the rusting of the steel anchors holding the terra cotta pieces. Once the rusting starts the terra cotta will crack requiring replacement with new terra cotta or GFRC pieces.
  • Masonry Cleaning
    • Masonry Cleaning 1
    • The cleaning of face brick and stone masonry is one of the more rewarding things we do. It is amazing how beautiful some of these buildings really are once the years of dirt and pollution are removed from the surface of the masonry.
  • Sealant Replacement
    • Between window systems and wall systems sealant replacement is an ongoing maintenance issue for many of the high rise buildings. Another area of concern is coping joints which need to be kept watertight to prolong the life of the parapet walls and roof.

Carpentry Services

Our in-house union carpenters are skilled in all facets of carpentry. There is no project too small or too large for our employees to handle.

  • Rough Carpentry
    • Rough Carpentry 1
    • Rough carpentry includes framing of walls or ceilings, repair or installation of new drywall, construction of decks, and reinforcement and repairs of existing wooden structures.
  • Finish Carpentry
    • Finish Carpentry
    • Our in-house carpenters take pride in completing a project. With that pride comes attention to detail of the finished product. Completing scopes of work from repair or installation of doors and hardware, crown molding and base trim to high-end retail fixture installations, a quality finished product is always the goal.

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